Why choose Colonia?

The city of Colonia del Sacramento, head of the District of Colonia.


The city of Colonia del Sacramento, head of the District of Colonia, is located in the south west of Uruguay on the coast of Río de la Plata opposite the city of Buenos Aires. It is the main water entrance to Uruguay (655,000 people went to Uruguay through Colonia in 2013, which amounts to 23% of all the visitors to the country that year).

This city, thanks to its historical central area (Historical Heritage of Mankind as decided by UNESCO), its beaches, the quality and beauty of its natural environment, the peace and quiet, its danger-free atmosphere, its slow pace and the proximity to the capital cities of Uruguay and Argentina, is traditionally known as an ideal spot for short excursions of tourism and rest.

This scenario, together with adequate governmental support, has given a strong impulse to the development of hotel management, gastronomy, trade, a real estate boom, infrastructure and the economy in general.

However, quite recently, a totally new aspect has developed:


The legal stability, the high educational and cultural level of the local population and its unequalled geographical location have created an ideal work environment to do business, to open service providing companies or to give corporate support to those companies of primary and secondary activities located on the outskirts of the city.

Besides such great protagonists as Colonia Shopping or the Tax-free Area (Zona Franca), many companies and professionals have started to regard Colonia as a convenient location for their commercial activities, not only at the centre of the city but also in the suburbs of the city. The latter have been undergoing a significant process of growth owing to the appearance of such multinational companies as Montes del Plata and its net of suppliers, which has radically changed the economic aspect of this District, thus strengthening Colonia del Sacramento in comparison with other nearby cities.

As a result, nowadays it may be stated that Colonia has changed its structure in the last few years and it has attracted not only tourists and new residents but also investors and businessmen.





Colonia del Sacramento – International Place of Business

Many companies that get established in Colonia.

Many companies that get established in Colonia are medium-sized Argentinean companies seeking an international status, but there are also investors coming from Brazil, Spain, the United States of America, China and South Korea in the fields of software, agricultural industry, real estate and manufacturing, among others, and there has been an inceptive growth of Chilean investments in both paper and forestry companies.







How far are we from several points of interest?

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 180 km


BUENOS AIRES - Argentina

  1:10 hs
  480 km


ROSARIO - Argentina

  500 km



  2:20 hs +   180 km
  1756 km


ASUNCIÓN - Paraguay

  1:40 hs +   180 km
  1270 km


SAN PABLO - Brasil

  2:30 hs +   180 km
  2082 km



  3:10 hs +   180 km
  2461 km


"Its varied and extensive network of communications, together with the competitiveness of its financial services and its infrastructure of support to commercial activity, facilitate access to the core of Mercosur business and its projection to other regions and countries of the world."